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(plural holeshots)

: (motorsport) The position of being the first rider to pass the first turn of the course.

Coming out of the gate takes the perfect balance of aggression and control. You must center yourself mentally and tune into your body’s ability to react quickly, while effortlessly directing a nearly un-controllable machine. Sure, it all seems easy enough, but there are 20 other riders with the same goal in mind. How do you achieve the edge? By being smooth, refined, and bold.
Our premium coffee is roasted to perfection and embodies this idea with a smooth easy drinking profile it will make you want to grab a hand full of throttle and twist your way to the lead.



Preload is our “BEST SELLER” it's lightly roasted to create well-balanced traction, smooth valving and a crisp clean finish. It features sweet fruity notes, hints of subtle caramel and cocoa. This is the perfect coffee to enjoy straight as it has the smooth tractable powerband of a 250.

Podium is our " Factory Riders " favorite. It's roasted slightly longer to deliver bold and complex flavors ,a full-bodied cup with notes of deep dark chocolate and caramel. It's got the hit of a 450 that's complete with a linear powerband to make for a truly enjoyable ride to the checkers.

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HOLESHOT COFFEE CO. supports the sport!!!
We believe in helping riders who have suffered injuries or
illness get back up to speed, that's why we donate $1.00 per bag of coffee sold to the Road 2 Recovery Foundation, we believe in their program and what it provides to the community. 



HOLESHOT Coffee has the desire to produce happy customers every time you fill the tank. We would love to hear your feedback !


Holeshot Coffee Company LC

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