Let's discuss the coffee bean, where the industry is and some current comments on the products being sold.

The coffee bean itself is a simple product, a tree grown fruit that is picked and then goes through multiple basic processes to prepare for roasting. The roasting process is where you can extract flavors and aromas through this basic dehydrated fruit. Sounds pretty simple right?

The location of growth changes the profile of the finished product as the fruit absorbs the atmosphere surrounding it during it's growth, I.E. if you were to grow a coffee plant in a cow pasture you could imagine what it would taste like. Our beans are grown in rural part of South America at a single location where the plants themselves are covered by an ancient canopy of larger vegetation, this creates a slightly slower growth cycle time but also allows the bean to absorb the environment around it that is full of unicorns and rainbows

That being said, a lot of coffee that is marketed and sold uses a lower quality bean that hasn't been kissed by the angels. Then these inferior beans are over roasted to give the coffee a profile that is marketed as masculine or stronger than normal coffee, but in reality you are just drinking a burnt shitty bean that you somehow think makes you feel like a Viking. Stop!!!!! you do not need to muster up the courage to ingest the hot ashes of prehistoric devils. 

We never over roast our bean to hide it, instead we find the balance for every customers preference. Some like it mellow, smooth and easy to drink. Some like it a little bolder and more depth. Our goal is to never have that acidic aftertaste, we want you to finish your cup with a smile and the power of 8,000 miniature warlocks to take over your soul.

Organic, Fair Trade, GMO free, etc.

Have you ever wondered how much of these claims are accurate? Have you ever seen the places where the majority of coffee is produced? We will just leave that with you to explore on your own time. Coffee is a crazy industry and peoples lives are exploited around the globe to produce it, enjoy your cup of coffee and think of the amount of ground it has traveled to reach you. Our beans are grown by a direct line family farm in the hills of South America, the old fashioned way. No claims, No labels, just good coffee to your cup.

Now you know the know

Holeshot Coffee Co.